Yukimura Aiki
50% Incubus / 50% Human
[DOB] January 29th

[My Family]
My Personal Angel
Our Son

[Roleplay Account; Original Character. Mun and Muse are over 18. Open to plotting. Action mark to novella roleplay friendly. For aim, ask. Feel free to stop by anytime. Spontaneity is welcome here.]

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"…and it made me think…that I was really, really glad I’d met you.”

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[ Aiki ]



"The aquarium, baby. We’re going to the aquarium." Resting his arms on the windowsill, he leaned in just enough to steal a kiss before going around to get in on the driver’s side finally and start the car. "Will you be my Lady Navigator for the drive and look up the directions? I don’t know where the one out here is."

"You wanted to go there today? Oh ~" . She shook her head as it seemed she understood him wrong before, when she more like thought they wanted to go to the aquarium another day. Her gaze went onto the backseats to the sleeping baby and she smiled lightly, wondering if he would even notice anything of it. "I will.". Iku whispered and pulled out her phone to search up the address and the map to navigate him to the aquazoo.

"Did you want to wait and just swim today?" Furrowing his brows, he followed her look back to the baby with a hum. "Think he’ll even be awake in time to enjoy the fish anyway? Maybe you’re right." He shrugged, not sure of his idea anymore. Maybe it was better to leave earlier in the day if they had planned on going? "Should we just go home and enjoy the nice weather, babycakes? Leave early tomorrow for the aquarium or something."


yukimura-aiki-rpがあなたの投稿に返信しました:I wanna hug you so bad… Around the neck. With my…

That doesn’t sound very comfortable, Kazari-san! Careful.

…Who are you… and why do you know… my name? That was the point…

Because we’re… friends… -points at Kazari and then himself- Friends. I’m Aiki?

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the men of today could use a lesson from tuxedo mask

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Kanashimi no ame ga furi tomanai nara,
boku ga kasa wo sasuyo kimi no tonari de

"If the rain of sadness won’t stop, I’ll open up an umbrella beside you. "

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